Configuring Patient Facing Services for individual patients

This guide will show how to configure Patient Facing Services on an individual patient level at your practice.

You many have configured your practice for Patient Facing Services, however you can configure the settings for individual patients to increase or decrease their level of access. It is important to note that any patient-wide configurations will supersede any patient level configurations.


Select the patient for whom you want to set the options


Navigate to ‘Registration’


Click on the ‘Online Services’ tab


Click on the ‘View online user’ link


Highlight the patient, then click ‘Edit online user access’


Enable/disable any patient facing services in the ‘Online user screen’ then click OK: The patient now has the permissions you require

Use the search facility to find the appropriate patient

Select the ‘Administrative’ tab, then ‘Online Services’. Click ‘Register for online services’

in the main panel.


Choose ‘Add or remove services’


Set the services as you require them and click ‘OK’


Save the patient to set the changes

Open the ‘Registration’ dialogue and search for the patient

Click on the ‘Online Services’ tab

Enable the functions by ticking the required functions

Click ‘OK’ to accept the changes and close the dialogue