Configuring Patient Facing Services for your practice

This guide will show how to enable Patient Facing Services (PFS) at your practice

Patients at practices associated with EMIS, TPP and Vision/INPS are able to connect to their Patient Facing Services via Evergreen Life. Enabling PFS at this level does not necessarily mean every patient has to have the same settings. You can enable these overall practice settings and then also edit the settings at an individual patient level.

These overall practice settings will override any individual settings. So, if at a patient level Medical Records were enabled, but at an overall practice level they are disabled, the patient will not be able to view the records.


Login to EMIS Web

Click on the EMIS button

In the drop-down menu select “SystemTools” then select “EMAS Manager”

Check that ‘Patient Facing Services’ is enabled, indicated by a green tick

If not, then in the EMAS Manager screen select Patient Facing Services and click on the Activate Application button so that Patient Facing Services is ticked

Save all the changes

Login to SystmOne. Click on Setup, Organisation Preferences

Open the ‘Online Services’ section

Check each option in turn configuring it as you require

Click ‘OK’ to save the changes

Login to Vision

Click on ‘Modules’ -> ‘ControlPanel’ -> Online

Select the services you want to offer to your patients

Click ‘OK’ to save the changes