Does my practice connect to Evergreen Life?

I want to know which practices connect to Evergreen Life. Can my practice use this system?

Evergreen Life can connect to 99% of practices in England to provide patients with swift and secure access to their GP online services, including booking appointments and ordering repeat prescriptions.

We connect to the below clinical servers:

  • Vision / INPS
  • TPP
  • EMIS

Unfortunately, we can only connect to online services for GP Practices in England at this moment in time. However, anyone within the UK can download the Evergreen Life app to enjoy the other benefits that it has to offer.  

Besides GP services, using the app provides the following additional services:

  • Discover and improve your Wellness Score
  • Record your medications
  • Store documents and letters
  • Add your own health information
  • Discover the inner you with DNA testing
  • Set medication reminders
  • Track your health and fitness measurements
  • Show and share health and fitness information

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