What is Evergreen Life DNA testing?

I want to know more about the Evergreen Life DNA tests. What results do they test for?

With a simple cheek swab, our DNA genetic testing kits help you discover the secrets to a healthier life. In the Evergreen Life app, users can gain insights into four key areas of their health and wellbeing by completing an at home DNA test. We use SNP genotyping to determine your genetic makeup and identify which traits you have, so you can find out more about your diet, fitness, metabolism and skin. Results are available within the Evergreen Life app.

How does the DNA test work?

After purchasing a DNA test from our website, you will receive a DNA sample collection kit. The kit contains instructions on how to collect a sample, a cotton swab, and a pre-paid return envelope.

It’s really simple to take the test - you rub the cotton bud swab on the inside of your cheek for a good minute. Then, simply pop it in the post with your pre-paid envelope as quickly as you can. Easy.

What happens during the testing process?

The discovery begins here! Your sample is tested using a process called SNP genotyping. We'd love to get into more about genotyping here, but why not read our blog on the science behind our tests. After your DNA has been tested, we destroy samples within one month.

How long do results take?

Results can take 6-8 weeks to arrive back.

Where are the results?

When they’re ready, your DNA results will be uploaded to your Evergreen Life app. Simply download the app, register with an account, and click on the ‘My DNA’ section to view your results.  

Your test results are designed to provide you with insights into your health, wellbeing and fitness. You’ll receive your results with an explanation of what they mean and recommendations of how you can get the most out of your genetics.

After looking over your detailed results, you can then start to make changes to your lifestyle to suit your unique DNA.

What results can the test show?

The results are based on previously published research papers. The test identifies markers that suggest certain biological tendencies, which are not definitive to a patient's overall health and wellbeing. For example, DNA markers may be identified that state a user metabolises caffeine faster than usual. This does not necessarily mean that this person does metabolise caffeine faster, however it is what their DNA sequence has indicated.  

Our results are separated into four categories: Diet, Metabolism, Fitness and Skincare.  

Diet: Tailor your diet so that you get the best results for your health and your body.

Metabolism: Understand how your body works through your genetics and how you might be able to make lifestyle changes to get the best out of your metabolism.

Fitness: The test provides insights into your fitness genes which could get you better results, faster. This allowing the user to find out what the best exercise is for them.

Skincare: With our Evergreen Life DNA Test, you can learn how to protect this vital part of your body. You’ll discover how you can keep your skin looking and feeling great with advice for your skin type.

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