Providing Patient Facing Services online access to patients

This guide will show how to provide access to patients to access Patient Facing Services

Once you have configured your practice to allow patients to access Patient Facing Services, you’ll need to give access to each patient, providing them with linking codes to allow them to link to you via their chosen supplier.


Login to EMIS Web

Use the patient search to select the patient. In the EMIS menu select ‘Registration’

Select the ‘PatientServices’ tab

Click on ‘Add online user’ > ‘Add current patient’

Verify patient identity

The online registration letter (PIN document) will be generated. A dialogue box will be opened asking ‘How do you want to issue the PIN document?’ where you can print or email the document.

Use the search facility to find the appropriate patient

Select the‘Administrative’ tab, then ‘Online Services’. Click ‘Register for Online Services’ in the main panel

Configure the services, as required

Select ‘OK’ to save the changes

Save the patient to complete registration, ensuring a passphrase has been printed or emailed

Open the ‘Registration’ module and search for the patient you wish to enrol

Select the ‘OnlineServices’ tab

Click the ‘Identification’ button, click ‘Add’ in the dialogue that opens. Set the details of the identification in the following dialogue and click ‘OK'

Click ‘Close’ to finalise the identification

It is essential that the patient has a verified email address, it can be added at this stage if necessary

You can amend which functions the patient will have access to, then ‘Create Online Account'

A linking document will be created and should be printed and handed to the patient. Note that a verified email address is essential for the patient to complete the sign up process

**An important feature to note is that in order for a patient to see their medical record you must add the code ‘#93440’ and ‘#91B’ to their record.

a.             Browse to Modules -> Consultation Manager

b.             Add Read Code -> OK

c.             Save all changes