Understanding proxy accounts/accounts for children

I need to give online access to someone on behalf of a patient - a carer, a parent or a friend. How can I do this?

Evergreen Life doesn’t currently allow for proxy accounts. Although, you may be able to generate proxy linking codes for children or those in need, Evergreen Life does not currently accept them as the app is designed to provide a personalised experience around a user’s wellness.  

In order to provide GP online access to patients who you believe need a proxy account, please create a full online account via your Clinical System as you would any other patient.  

If you, as a practice, can set up the patient with a full online account on your system, they can then link as any other patient does using the usual codes provided.

Before providing an online registration document to someone on behalf of a patient, please ensure that you complete your usual proxy checks as per your usual processes and procedures.  

We do hope to update our system in the future to allow patients to link using proxy accounts as we understand that currently some people are unable to use our services.

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