How can patients order repeat medications?

I want to allow my patients to order their repeat prescriptions. How does this work using the Evergreen Life app and website?

Evergreen Life allows your patients to order their medication via our app or website. We offer the ability to request medication that is on a current repeat prescription and not an acute medication. This request is then passed on to your Clinical System which you would receive as you do when a patient sends a request via your Clinical System’s patient app or website.

We unfortunately have no control over your patients’ repeat prescription lists; this is entirely controlled via you/your Clinical System. We pull across the information that is available on your system and allow our users to select the medication they wish to request. Evergreen Life only allows users to order medication that is set to a current repeat prescription and does not allow acute medication to be ordered. This will need to be ordered directly with your practice.  

After requesting a repeat prescription, the patient will be shown the status of their request. They can be:

  • ‘Requested’ – The patient has sent a request that has been received by your Clinical System
  • ‘Issued’ - Your practice has actioned the patient’s request: This will remain until the medication has been picked up/delivered.
  • “Rejected’ - Your practice has denied the patient’s request or have actioned the request via a different method.
  • “Unknown” - Evergreen Life is unable to obtain a status from your Clinical System, therefore the patient will need to request an update from their GP Practice.

Our users can make changes to their nominated pharmacy by contacting yourselves or via or our website (if you have allowed your patients to do this via your Clinical System).

*Quick tips*

**You may want to keep an eye out for notes from your patients. Your patients can send notes to your practice along with their prescription request. These are limited to 200 characters and they are only able to use basic punctuation.**

**Prescription requests can fail, if they do the user receives an error message stating that the request has not been sent. A patient can always check on the status of any current prescription requests within both the app and the website by heading to the prescriptions section.**

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