Resetting linking codes for patients who need to re-link their online services

This guide will show how to reset your patients’ online registration document to provide them with new codes to relink their online accounts

If your patient has any difficulties linking or their account with a chosen provider becomes unlinked, you will need to reset your online registration document to provide them with new codes. It’s important that you reset these codes before reprinting or emailing.


Select the patient using the patient search dialogue

Navigate to Registration and choose the‘Online Services’ tab. For the appropriate user select the ‘View online user’ link

Click ‘Reset account key’ and print /email the document

The patient may now use the new codes in the normal way

Use the search facility to find the appropriate patient

Select the ‘Administrative’ tab, then‘Online Services’. Click ‘Register for Online Services’ in the main panel

Select ‘Reset party links’

Choose ‘Issue or view new third-party passphrase’

Confirm identity and print (or email)the passphrase

From ‘Registration’ find the patient you want to reprint details for

Select the Online Services tab

Click the ‘Reset Online Account’ button


Print or email the new codes, appropriate