How can patients book GP appointments?

I want to understand how my patients can book appointments at the GP surgery. How do appointments work?

Your patients can book appointments at your GP surgery via the Evergreen Life website or app. The appointment book can be used by all patients once they have linked to your practice via Evergreen Life and access has been allowed via your Clinical System. Patients can then book any appointments that your practice have made available. For information about how to make appointments available, you should contact your System Supplier directly. Any appointments that you make available will be visible on all GP online service platforms.

*Quick tips*

Appointments filters

Appointment filters will appear as they have been set out by your practice. E.g. ‘HCA appointment’.  

We would recommend making the appointments easy to understand from the patient’s point of view to ensure that your patients book the appropriate appointment.

Are patients having trouble booking appointments?

If a patient is having some trouble booking an appointment, we would recommend checking:

  1. Has the Appointment  Book has been enabled for the patient in question on your Clinical System?
  1. Are there any appointments available in the GP system?

If the answer to the above points is yes, please ask the patient to contact us to allow us to look into their account audit.  

Are your appointments correctly configured?

Please ensure that your appointments are set to "Patient Facing Bookable". The ensures that your appointments are visible to your patients.  

Are your appointments set to embargo? This means that the appointments will not be viewable by your patients until the date of the slot.  

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