How to add documents and letters

I’d like to store a document related to my health on my phone. How do I add it to my Evergreen Life app?

Even though we carry most of our information digitally these days, a lot of health documents are still produced on paper. By adding physical documents to your Evergreen Life app, you can have all your health information in one place, whenever and wherever you need it.

  1. Go to 'Records' from the overview screen
  2. Tap 'Go to Records' and then tap 'Personal Records'
  3. Scroll down to the 'Documents and Letters' tile and tap on it
  4. Tap the plus (+) button to add a new document.
  5. On the next screen, you can add all the information about the document – including the type of document and date it was issued.
  6. Attach a photo of the document – you can either select a photo you’ve already taken or take one from within the app.
  7. Then, you can add who issued you the document, as well as any additional notes. You can also link this document to any health conditions or medications you’ve recorded within the app, so you can easily find all your information related to a particular condition.
  8. You can set the privacy level of this document, so if you share your health record with anyone else you can choose who sees this information.
  9. Once you’ve filled in all the information you want to record, tap ‘Save.’

That’s it! Start to build your most up-to-date, accurate health record and keep all your information in the palm of your hand.