Medical Records – I can’t access certain Letters

Certain records I try to access show an error or do not open


We're aware that mobile devices can only open certain types of Letters/Documents from the GP Medical Records section.

PCs/Laptops have the capability to open many types of documents, whereas mobile devices are more limited.

We’d suggest trying to open your letters/documents using a PC/Laptop if possible.

You can try to access your medical records via the website - - rather than the app.

Another option is to check the file type of the record via the NHS login website - - you’ll see that the file type of each document/letter is listed within the icon of the record.

The other options would be to speak to your GP practice and ask if they can either change the file format of the documents they upload to your account, or they could email the documents to you directly in an easy to view format (.PDF is usually the easiest to access from most devices).

In some cases, you may be seeing hospital records rather than GP records – certain records that you may see can only be accessed via a clinical system (such as the one your hospital or GP practice uses). In these cases, you can speak to the relevant hospital trust to obtain a copy of those records.

Some information regarding the differences between hospital and GP records along with a list of hospital trusts can be found here -