Proxy access: Managing online services for a family member or someone you care for

Typically, proxy access is useful for managing your child's needs online without having to have a full account for them, or if you are looking after someone such as a parent, you may wish to use proxy access to access their online services. This is currently only available via our website and can only be set up by your practice.

When logged into your Evergreen Life account via the website (, you may notice a 'Change User' button on the menu bar, towards the top left of the webpage. If present, this means your GP has granted access for you to one or more other people's accounts and permits you to do things like book appointments, request repeat medication and even view some or all or the medical record.

If you don't see the 'Change User' option (as shown below), this means your GP hasn't set up access. If you would like access or feel you should have access to a proxy account, please contact your GP practice directly. The access is controlled by the GP system and Evergreen Life are not able to make any changes.

For now, this feature is only available via our website and not the App. The login you use for the app will also work for the website. We hope to add it to the Evergreen Life app in due course. If you use the 'Trusted Access' option on the app, this is in addition to proxy access and will continue unaffected. Please note that Trusted Access is not currently available on the website.