Is Evergreen Life compatible with my GP Practice?

I want to get access to my GP record. Is Evergreen Life compatible with my GP practice?

Evergreen Life offers NHS-assured Patient Facing Services across the three most widely used clinical systems in England. This means that Evergreen Life is compatible with over 98% of GP Practices in England.

GP Practices in England use different computer systems to provide services to their patients and so it is not always obvious to patients which online services they can use. Indeed, some GP Practices are unaware of the options available to their own patients. Fortunately, there are a few easy ways to check which systems you can use.

How can I check compatibility?

Some GP systems will print a list of compatible suppliers on the registration letter for online services. If you do not see Evergreen Life on this list, but your Practice is in England then we are still most likely compatible with it. You can check this on the NHS Choices website.

But my practice informed me that they use another system?

This is no longer correct.

Under the current GP contract for NHS England, patients can choose from any compatible online service. The GP Practice is required to support this choice and may not promote one service over another.

If you would like to use Evergreen Life but find that your practice is unable or unwilling to help you then please let us know.

I cannot find my practices details on Evergreen Life?

If you have a registration letter, it should have a practice code (or ODS) code on it, for example A12345. Please use this code to search for the practice. If you do not have a letter you can search using the post code (including space).

If you still cannot find the practice or believe the details we hold for them are incorrect then please let us know.

Why is my Evergreen Life account asking for codes that are not listed on my registration letter?

Some GP systems have a proprietary online system and the registration letter may distinguish between this and ‘third party services’ such as Evergreen Life, which use different codes to connect to the online services. You may need to ask your GP Practice to issue a third party passphrase to you.

Terminology between GP computer systems can also differ slightly. As GP Practices sometime switch between computer systems it is possible that Evergreen records could be out of date (and so Evergreen is trying to connect to the wrong computer system). Please let us know if you suspect this could be happening. We can confirm the correct system details and can easily update our records where necessary.

The registration codes provided to me by my GP practice look correct, but they do not work?

There could be a number of reasons for this. Please let us know by contacting our support team. We would be more than happy to help you.