How is my Wellness Score calculated?

I’ve got my Wellness Score, but I want to know how it’s calculated and what it means for my health and wellbeing.

When you go into your Evergreen Life app, you’ll see your Wellness Score on the Overview screen. This number is out of 100 and it is a good indication of how well you currently are. But you might be wondering how we’ve worked it out...

Your overall score is calculated based on your answers to your Wellness Checks and how much information you record in certain parts of the app. Currently, the GP Services and Test sections don’t contribute to your overall Wellness Score.  

Tap the middle of your Wellness Score on the Overview screen to learn more

As your wellness changes every day, your score can go up or down based on the information you put in. The more you complete across the four main sections (Health Records, Fitness, Happiness and Food), the more accurate your Wellness Score becomes.

All six sections also have their own individual scores, calculated by both the Wellness Checks and how complete your records are – apart from the GP and Test sections which are calculated purely by the completeness of these sections. This way, you can prioritise what’s most important to your personal wellbeing and improving those sections’ scores. For example, if fitness is the most important aspect for you to work on, you can look at your individual score for this section and try to improve it with the fitness insights.

You can explore each section of your home screen to find tips on how to boost your overall Wellness Score and also each individual section score.