Do I have to complete my Wellness Score?

My app has changed and I want to use it in the same way as before. Do I need to do the Wellness Score?

As well as combining your personal health data with your electronic medical record, your Evergreen Life app now lets you discover your Wellness Score so you can take control of the areas that matter most to your health and wellbeing.  

The update is designed to help you be as well as you can, with practical insights that can help you achieve the wellness that’s right for you. But if you simply don’t want to know your Wellness Score or do any Wellness Checks, you can do all the things you could do before the app changed. Whilst we’d love for you to get the most from your wellness, taking part in the Wellness Checks is optional.

If you don't wish to receive notifications to complete Wellness Checks, get in touch with our Support Team who can provide you with the best way of dealing with this.

Tap the middle of your Wellness Score to see how you can get a more accurate picture of your wellness

Can I still do everything I used to do?

We want to reassure you that any information you’ve previously recorded and any GP services you use will still remain in your record.  

If you use the app for booking appointments, ordering prescriptions or viewing your medical record, this can all be found within the ‘GP Services’ section on your home screen.  

If you use the app for curating your own personal health record, you can find this within the ‘Health Records’ section.

So, why are we doing all this?

We understand this could take a little getting used to, but you’ll still be able to do everything you used to do in the app. For more information on all the changes, please read our ‘What’s New’ article.