I've linked my account, but bits of my GP services are missing

I've linked my Evergreen Life account to my GP record, but I'm unable to see information that I was expecting to see - how do I find it?

Once you're linked to your GP record, everything you see within this section is managed by your GP practice. So whilst you might think your Evergreen Life account is missing information, this is usually down to the way that your GP Practice has configured GP online services for their patients. We know this is frustrating, so this article will hopefully help you understand the reasons why information may appear to be missing.

Access to GP online services - what you need to know:

  • Evergreen Life can only display the parts of the online service that your GPs computer system permits us to, regardless of the consent you have given for us to provide the service to you.
  • GP Practices are required to make Appointment Booking, Prescription Ordering and access to your Summary Record available through online services.
  • Your medical record belongs to you and you are entitled to access all parts of it. It's part of the GP contract to give you full access to your information, so it's your right to get access if you want it. To take control of your own data, contact your GP directly and request access to 'all GP services' and 'full record access.'

Ok. So, you have linked your account but some services are not available? 

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