NHS data sharing: What it means for you

You may have heard that NHS digital is planning to download the medical record of 55 million adults in England, to create a centralised data base. It wants to use this information for research and healthcare planning.

While most personal details will be removed, there are concerns that you could be identified in certain circumstances. Critics are also worried the data might in the future be sold to private, non-UK business. Your record WILL be included unless you opt out.

To reassure you if you do decide to opt out, you’ll still be able to view your GP record in the Evergreen life app if you're linked or you’ll be able to link to it in the future. Phew!

But if you don’t want to share information with NHS digital, you can opt out in two different ways. If you want to stop your health data being uploaded at all, you must opt out by 30th September 2021. But if you just want to stop your health data being used for planning and research you can opt out at anytime.

Find out more about how to opt out here