Switch from the e-life website to the Evergreen Life app to get more out of your GP services

Access to your records via your desktop is great, but you’d find it even easier if you could access through a smartphone & view your health records anywhere, anytime. Here's how.

One of the key features of Evergreen Life is being able to link with your GP. It’s great that you have access via your desktop computer, but you’d find it even easier if you could access through your smartphone, if you have one, so you can use online services and view your health records anywhere and anytime.

  • It saves you time: you can access GP online services via the app, meaning no more lengthy phone calls to your GP practice to book appointments or order repeat prescriptions.
  • It’s convenient: you can use these services outside of GP opening times and if you have the app, you can do it all from the palm of your hand. If you want to book your GP appointment on a Sunday when the surgery is closed, you can do it sat on the sofa with a cuppa.
  • It gives you greater control and it's safer. Linking to your GP gives you access to your medical record. Along with the other personal measurements and health data you store in the app, this means you have one place to keep the most complete version of your health record. Need to find out when your last Tetanus booster was? You can check in the app. Perhaps you get ill away from home or abroad and need to share a list of your medications and doctor’s notes with a different doctor? It’s all there in app for you to share with whoever you need to.
  • It helps your GP and the NHS. Using online services takes pressure off your GP surgery and the NHS. There is evidence that if 30% of patients have full record access, it reduces the need for appointments by 10% and save hundreds of telephone calls. More than that, having a greater engagement with your own health data allows you to make better decisions and lifestyle choices. A healthier you - a healthier NHS.

Your records in the palm of your hand

As you’re already linked to your GP on the desktop version of Evergreen life, all you need to do to have the same access on your smart phone is to download the app.

  • Download the Evergreen Life app from the App Store or Google Play Store. It’s free and easy to use. Use the same login details you use for your desktop account.
  • Go to GP services. On the overview screen, click the GP segment of the wheel, then click GP services. On the next screen you’ll be presented with a range of options like view your medical record, prescriptions, appointments etc. You’ll be able to book appointments, order repeat prescriptions and view your record.  

Getting “full” access.

You may find you only have access to limited information like a summary, list of medications, booking appointments and ordering repeat prescriptions. But you’re entitled to full access so you can see all of your record, including allergies, immunisations, results, consultations and letters etc.

You’ll be able to check if the practice has sent or received a letter to or from the hospital. You can also understand better why something has been done and how you can help yourself more. The more of your record that’s shared with you, the more time is saved and the safer the care. There is evidence that if 30% of patients have full record access, it reduces the need for appointments by 10% and save hundreds of telephone calls.

Full access: Your rights

Since April 2020, GP practices have a contract with the NHS to allow patients full and free access, but some are either reluctant to it or simply not set up to do so. The more people that ask for this access, the more likely GPs will be to prioritise it.  Ultimately full access gives you more power to take control of your health and save your GP time and resources in the long run. It is worth noting that depending on your practice, you may only get retrospective access to your record summary, medications,  immunisations and results. Consultations or letters might only be available from after the date you link. This is to make it easier from the practice’s point of view.

Here’s some advice about getting full access:

  1. Call your GP. Call your GP and tell them you have linked to your record but only have a basic access. Explain you’d like “full record access” to include things like a summary, consultations, allergies, test results and letters. They will probably review your record and then with a tick of a few boxes, they can make it accessible.
  2. Put it in writing. If you sense some reluctance from your GP, email or write to them explaining what you want access to. Remind them you are legally entitled to have access to your record. There is a clause you can quote which states:

“all patients will have online access to their full record, including the ability to add their own information, as the default position from April 2020, with new registrants having full online access to prospective data from April 2019, subject to existing safeguards for vulnerable groups and third party confidentiality and system functionality”

We’ve created a letter template for you that explains formally to your GP what you want. You can download it here and then edit and send or email it to your surgery.

Get Support

Let us help. If you’re not getting anywhere, get in touch and we’ll see if we can help. We often find it helps if we talk to you or your GP and we’d be glad to support you. Just get email us hello@evergreen-life.co.uk or call us on 0161 768 6063.