How do online repeat prescription orders work?

I have ordered a repeat prescription online. What happens to this request and who do I speak to if anything goes wrong?

Repeat medication can be an important part of your healthcare needs. Therefore, it may be useful to know what happens when you place a prescription order so that you can make sure you receive your medication when you need it.

Evergreen Life enables you to place an order for your repeat prescription without having to contact your GP Practice. You can also get your repeat prescriptions delivered to your door or any UK address at no extra cost. But what actually happens when you place a repeat prescription order online?

IMPORTANT – Many GP Practices now prefer for their patients to order repeat prescriptions using an online service, rather than by phone. If the online service is not working and you require urgent access to medication, then you should call your GP Practice to place the order – they are obliged to help you.

What medication can I order online?

Any current repeat prescription item can be ordered online. Put simply, this is any course of repeat medication that has been prescribed by a qualified clinician. 

Completed courses of medication cannot be re-ordered without first consulting with your GP.

Acute medication and controlled drugs, such as Warfarin, cannot be ordered online.

What happens when I order medication online?

When you order online, a request for repeat medication is added directly into your GP Practice's computer system. From here, it'll be processed by your GP Practice in exactly the same way as a request made in-person or over the telephone. The request will be authorised or rejected by the practice and, if authorised, a prescription will be issued to your nominated collection point or sent to your delivery address.

Where do I collect prescriptions from?

What does my order status mean?

There are three order statuses:

Requested – your prescription request has been successfully added to your GP Practice workflow and is waiting for them to process it.

Issued – your request has been authorised and the prescription has been sent to your nominated collection point or delivery address.

Rejected – your practice has decided to reject your request. When this happens, your practice can leave a reason which will appear in your Evergreen Life account. If you don't see this then please contact your GP Practice for assistance.

What is the ‘order reason’?

Your GP Practice has the option to request a reason for your prescription. This is handled by the GP Practice system and is either set as 'Off,' 'Optional' or 'Mandatory.'

If the Reason is 'Optional' or 'Mandatory', it'll appear next to the medication as you order it. If the GP Practice has set this to 'Mandatory,' you will need to enter a reason for your prescription order before you can submit your request.