Why can't I order my medication?

I would like to order my medication online. Why is the prescription service greyed out or why does it say 'no prescriptions available'?

If your Evergreen Life account is linked to your GP's online services you should be able to order your repeat prescriptions through Evergreen Life. This article helps to explain why the prescriptions service might not be accessible or why it may state that you have no prescriptions available.

IMPORTANT – Many GP Practices now prefer for their patients to order repeat prescriptions using an online service, rather than by phone. If the online service is not working and you require urgent access to medication, then you should call your GP Practice to place the order – they are obliged to help you. 

If the prescription service is greyed out: 

  1. Check that your account is still successfully linked to your GP Practice (for example, can you access other parts of the service ok? Such as online appointment booking) 
  2. Check with the Evergreen Life Service Desk to see if there is any service interruption. 
  3. If the service is running ok then you will need to consult with your GP Practice – it may be that your online registration needs to be configured. Our support team will advise you on what to look for, or you can read more about why your GP online services may still be missing.

If the prescription service is accessible but says ‘no prescriptions available’:

  1. Do you have any repeat medication on your prescription? Any medication not added by your GP as a repeat prescription cannot be ordered online. For example, acute medication cannot be ordered on repeat prescription online.
  2. ‍Is the repeat prescription current? Past repeat prescriptions will need to be re-authorised by a clinician before they are available to order online. 
  3. ‍Are there any controlled drugs on your prescription? Controlled drugs cannot be ordered online. If you are not sure if an item is controlled, please consult with your GP. 

If you have any questions regarding individual items that appear or do not appear in the list of medications then please consult with your clinician directly.