PillTime - Online pharmacy provider FAQs

PillTime is one of our online pharmacy partners available on the Evergreen Life app or website. The following are some frequently asked questions about the PillTime service.

About PillTime 

*Delivery within 7-10 days*

PillTime is an online pharmacy that organises all your repeat prescriptions into clearly labelled, easy to open, dose-specific pouches and delivers them to your door, for free.

Who is PillTime for?

PillTime's pouches are ideal for individuals who are managing multiple medications taken at various intervals throughout the day. The PillTime service is also suitable for those who take multiple medications that are not in tablet form (e.g. a liquid or cream, etc.) - these will be dispensed but will not be in the pouches.

When will my order be delivered?

PillTime aims to deliver your medication within 7-10 days, so remember to give time before you are due to start your next repeat prescription. Once your PillTime parcel is on the way, you will receive an email which will include any available tracking information.

Is this service free?

PillTime’s service is free of charge. If you pay for your prescriptions, this cost still stands. However, there is no additional charge for our personalised pouches and delivery.

If you do not pay for your prescriptions, please ensure you input this information when signing up for the service.

How many pills go into one pouch?

Each PillTime pouch fits between 5-7 pills. If you have more items than this in one dose, we will simply dispense two pouches per dose for you.

Can everything on my prescription go into the pouches?

PillTime can dispense most of your tablet medication into pouches. Please note that PillTime will always follow your doctor’s prescription instructions and will not pouch medication if it could be unsafe to do so. PillTime will not pouch the following:

  • Most dispersible tablets or medication with a desiccant in the bottle that may soak up moisture.
  • Schedule 2 Control Drugs.
  • Schedule 3 and 4 Control Drugs IF they are subject to safe storage requirements.
  • Medication that is only taken ‘when required’ or does not have a consistent dosing regime.

PillTime cannot pouch alternate (or non-daily) dosing medication and these will be provided in original packs.

Any non-pouched items can still be sent alongside the rest of your items in your free monthly PillTime delivery.

What makes PillTime an eco-friendly pharmacy? 

PillTime provides a cardboard dispensing box with your first order. Recyclable pouches are issued for subsequent orders and you simply need to add them to your empty dispensing box, which you can reuse until a new one is needed - this 'Naked Packaging scheme' reduces cardboard waste.

PillTime pouches significantly reduce the amount of packaging and waste for multiple medications when associated with traditional medication methods. This, along with the considerable reduction in medicine waste, creates huge savings to the NHS and the environment.

What is PillTime’s relationship with the NHS?

As a registered NHS pharmacy, PillTime provides your prescription medication on behalf of the NHS, like any other community pharmacy. PillTime is funded in the same way as the community pharmacies you see on the High Street and does not charge the NHS any extra fees for our additional service features, such as pouching and delivery.

Does Evergreen Life get paid for this service?

Evergreen Life is paid to deliver this service by the pharmacy partners, meaning this service is free for all patients.

The service is available through the Evergreen Life app and website.