I can’t answer my security question

I want to log into my Evergreen Life account, but I can’t answer my security question – what do I do next?

All Evergreen Life security details are fully encrypted and so can only be recovered by the account holder (you!). Unfortunately, this means that the Evergreen Life Support team aren't able to recover or change your security details in the event that you can't access your account.

If you're struggling to answer your security question, here's a few things that might help:

  • Input all details manually - copy and paste can be unreliable.
  • On older accounts, the security answer is case sensitive and recognises other punctuation such as spaces, hyphens, apostrophes and full stops.
  • On older accounts, if your answer is a memorable date the date format needs to be correct (e.g. dd/mm/yyyyy, dd/mm/yy, Jan 1st 2000 etc..)
  • You may wish to experiment with upper/lower/mixed case answers.
  • Check auto-correct, particularly on mobile devices. Passwords can be changed by auto-correct at the point when they were created. You may wish to try inputting your password in another form to see if auto-correct changes it, then see whether the changed password works.
  • It's not possible to reset an account if the account is locked. If you think your account may be locked, please wait a few hours before attempting to reset the password again.

If you're still unable to access the account, please contact Evergreen Life Customer Support for further assistance. We may be able to help if you have accessed your account recently.