My account is locked

I've tried to log into my Evergreen Life account, but it's now locked. How do I unlock my account and log in again?

Every Evergreen Life account has a necessary security feature that locks it and stops you being able to log in. It's designed specifically to prevent any malicious attack on your account, but it's also possible to lock your own account if too many unsuccessful login attempts are made.

Why is my account locked?

Your account will lock automatically after 3 unsuccessful login attempts. If this happens, you'll see an ‘Account is Locked’ message that will appear in the login dialogue box.

How long is my account locked for?

The lock duration will increase exponentially with each subsequent failed login attempt.

Any attempt to log in or reset a password whilst the account is locked will fail. This will also increase the lock duration.

If you have made several failed attempts to access an account, we recommend that you wait as long as possible - preferably 1 hour but at least 20 minutes - before attempting to reset the password on your account.