Interpreting your Evergreen Life DNA Test results

This article is relevant if you have purchased and taken an Evergreen Life DNA Test and want to understand more about how to interpret your DNA results. When viewing your DNA test results from Evergreen Life, we advise our customers to be aware of certain risks and considerations that are outlined in our terms of use. This article explains what different types of results mean, to help you interpret your DNA results.

Surprising results

Genetic research is not comprehensive. Put simply, other factors such as your lifestyle and environment can contribute to specific traits and are not always down to your genetic makeup alone. So it’s important to note that DNA results are not necessarily your destiny.  

If your predicted trait isn't quite what you experience, don't worry, there are still some excellent ways you can improve your health based on what you notice about yourself, regardless of genetics. Your DNA results can be used to better equip you with the right information, so you can take steps towards your goals. Why not check out some of our articles linked within your DNA test results to learn more?

How to make lifestyle changes based on your genetic results

For example, if you know that you’re a slow metaboliser of caffeine, you can choose not to have a coffee late in the afternoon in case it disrupts your sleep. Or, if you know that you are genetically more likely to respond to high-intensity exercises over endurance sports like long distance running, you can adjust your fitness plan to achieve faster results.

The DNA results provided by us are based on the latest research at the time of purchase and are correct to the best of our knowledge. The Evergreen Life DNA Test and results have been designed and reviewed by our team of in-house Wellness Experts and scientists.

Failed tests

Sometimes, in rare cases the lab might not be able to process your sample. The testing may not be possible if there’s insufficient DNA or if the DNA sample has been contaminated or compromised in any way. There’s also a risk that the results from processing do not meet our standards for accuracy.  For this reason, we fully recommend reading through the instructions leaflet provided within your kit before collecting your sample so that we can get the very best sample from you.

If the initial processing fails for any of these reasons, we’ll contact you to let you know of the next steps/options available to you.  

Processing errors

It’s also worth noting that the laboratory process may result in errors. We make every effort to ensure our data is as accurate as possible, with all analyses carried out in an accredited laboratory with a full quality control system. If an error is detected in our genotyping process, we’ll provide you with the amended DNA results free of charge. Results are not released unless they meet our quality criteria standards.  

Inconclusive results

Sometimes we may not be able to present you with a complete set of results. It’s not always possible to obtain a clear result for some DNA variations (SNPs) due to biological or technical complications. This means that such results are not accurate enough to provide you with a clear report. In these circumstances, we may choose not to report a result and we’ll inform you that the test was ‘inconclusive for this data point.’  

The DNA test will not be repeated if we consider your report to contain enough results to be final.  

Inconsistent/contradictory results

Your results will cover multiple areas including Metabolism, Diet, Skin, Fitness and Happiness. Clicking on each section will reveal which genotypes you have for specifically selected SNPs that are present in your DNA. It is these SNPs that allow us to understand more about how you work. You’ll get a number of SNP’s for each area covered, with a summary of each genetic insight. You may find there are SNPS covering the same/a similar trait that seem contradict each other. For example, one might indicate you have increased sensitivity to saturated fats, whilst another might indicate a typical sensitivity, So, when it comes to understanding how to adjust your behaviours based on your results, it’s best to weigh up what most of the SNPs are pointing to and make changes on the result that comes up most frequently. Again, our DNA test is not designed to be in any way diagnostic, and that other factors outside of genetics may contribute to any given trait.

Interpreting your DNA results

The Evergreen Life DNA Test results are provided for your information only. Please ensure you seek the advice of a professional advisor (such as a physician, your GP, or other qualified healthcare provider) before making any changes to your lifestyle, diet or exercise routines. We, or any persons associated with Evergreen Life, are not responsible for any consequences, injuries or problems that may occur due to your interpretation of and use of this information.