What happens to my Evergreen Life DNA Test sample at the lab?

This article explains what happens to your DNA sample at the lab, if you have purchased an Evergreen Life DNA Test and returned your sample by post to our lab.

Before your sample arrives at our lab, make sure you collect your sample by following the instructions within your kit to give us the best sample you can.  

Giving a great sample means we can provide a more complete, quality set of results for you! Your sample is transported to the lab in liquid called ‘stabilisation buffer’. This liquid ensures your sample is preserved to the highest quality possibly for the duration of its journey.  

Without stabilisation buffer, DNA can degrade over time, and we need your very best, high-quality sample to deliver the best results for you.

What happens during the testing process?

Here's where the discovery begins! When your Evergreen Life DNA Test sample arrives at our certified lab, we’ll securely scan it using the barcode/unique identifier and we’ll let you know we’ve got it. From there, the lab will extract your DNA from your saliva and ensure it’s a good quality sample to process.

SNP genotyping

We analyse your DNA using a method called ‘SNP Genotyping.’ This means we look at specific points in your DNA that are known to influence certain traits or ‘phenotypes’ in individuals with the same ‘genotype’ or ‘variant’ as you. We combine your genotype with research about particular SNPs so that we can provide you with insights and recommendations on how to get the best out of your health and wellbeing, based on your genetics.  

Storing your sample

Your DNA sample is stored until you or we request the sample to be securely destroyed. This means we may consult you at a later date to perform further testing that may be of benefit to you as more technically advanced equipment becomes available, without you needing to provide us with another sample. We’ll always ask your permission before performing any further analysis.

When and where will I get my results?

You’ll receive a notification and email when your results are ready to view in your Evergreen Life app. This is typically within 4-6 weeks of the lab receiving your sample. Simply open your app and tap on the 'Tests’ section to navigate to your results.  

Your test results are designed to provide you with insights into your health, wellbeing and fitness. You’ll receive your results with an explanation of what they mean and recommendations of how you can get the most out of your genetics.

After looking over your detailed results, you can then start to make changes to your lifestyle to suit your unique DNA. For further guidance, please see our article on How to interpret your Evergreen Life DNA Test results.